Cam Cam Nursery cot canopy in nursery with music mobiles and star cushions

3 Ways to Use Cam Cam Cot Canopies

Cam Cam Nursery cot canopy in nursery with music mobiles and star cushions

Cam Cam Copenhagen’s beautiful line of cot canopies can be used in a variety of ways to decorate your child’s bedroom, nursery or playroom. Adding a cot canopy to the room can create a dreamy, fairy-tale like atmosphere for you and your little one to enjoy. Each Cam Cam cot canopy is made of 100% organic cotton. Here are three ideas for using your new cot canopy:


1. Drape over the crib

Hang your baby canopy over the crib to create a soothing, cosy and beautiful space for your little one to sleep and nap. Fashion your crib canopy to a hook in the ceiling and let the curtains of the cot canopy drape over the crib for a whimsical look. Pair your baby cot canopy with some of Cam Cam’s matching nursery items like star cushions and baby quilts for a complete look!

Cam Cam baby bed canopy hanging over crib

2. Hang in a play corner

You can also hang your kids bed canopy in a corner of the room for a majestic and fun play area. Using a cot canopy in the corner of the room can create a whole new unique element for kids to enjoy. Add some pillows, cushions and blankets and you have yourself a lovely play corner for the kids to read, play, sleep and relax in! The kids bed canopy can also be tied up when not in use.Cam Cam blue mist bed canopy for nursery

3. Place over the changing table

The changing area of the nursery isn’t always the prettiest part of the room. Hanging your nursery canopy over the changing table is a great way to bring a little style to the changing area and tie it in to the rest of the nursery décor scheme. Simply fashion the nursery canopy to the ceiling with a hook directly above the changing table or changing area, and let the billowy fabric of the baby canopy drape gently on either side of the changing table. Ensure that the opening of the cot canopy is aligned with the side of the changing table that is most used. Cam Cam also has a beautiful range of changing mats that go perfectly with whichever cot canopy you choose!Cam Cam creme dot gold bed canopy for nursery

There are plenty of creative ways to hang your cot canopy – from over the crib, to in a play corner, or over the changing area – the possibilities are endless! Cam Cam Copenhagen’s cot canopies come in a beautiful range of colours so you’re sure to find one that will match perfectly with your chosen nursery or bedroom décor scheme. You can find Cam Cam’s beautiful range of cot canopies at Australian online boutique, Nordlife.

Reasonably Priced Dental Implants in Sydney

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Nobody likes to pay more for something than they have to. That’s why in recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of Aussies heading offshore for cheap dental implants.

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