3 essential baby products for learning to crawl and walk

It’s the most exciting time in your baby’s life when they are learning how to crawl, walk, move and groove all on their own! We’ve put together a quick list of crawling and walking essentials so that your baby or toddler can do all that moving and grooving safely.

GoBabyGo is a Danish company that makes products intended to improve the motor skills of little ones and ensure crawling and walking success. These products are sure to make learning to walk and crawl a breeze! Here are three baby products for learning to crawl and walk:


1. GoBabyGo non-slip socks

Shoes with hard soles may impede child’s movement, whereas traction socks with non-slip soles are ideal for the curious little feet! These baby traction socks have non-slip soles and rubber traction bumps on the toes for extra safety and stability. These baby socks by GoBabyGo are made of thick and breathable cotton, which makes them the perfect substitute for slippers.


2. GoBabyGo baby kneepads

Knee protection is especially important in the summer to protect the little knees from rough surfaces outside. These adorable knee pads have cute little rubber traction bumps on the knees so your little bubba can do all that wonderful exploring a little more safely – without slipping on smooth surfaces or hurting their knees on rough ones. Pull them onto bare legs, over tights or pants and your child is ready for new challenges.


3. GoBabyGo Crawling leggings

Crawling leggings with non-slip rubber traction bumps on the knees are perfect to keep your child steady when learning to crawl and romp around – whatever the surface! These leggings are made of soft stretch cotton for great mobility and comfort of your little one. Pair these up with the GoBabyGo non-slip socks and you have a perfect combo for crawling success!

GoBabyGo crawling leggings

The baby non-slip socks, baby kneepads, and crawling leggings are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is the world’s leading health marking for textiles and fabrics, and means the products are tested for harmful substances and chemicals. In addition, the pH of the products is tested to ensure the correct PH value for our children’s delicate skin. Plus, all of these crawling leggings, traction socks, and baby kneepads come in four adorable colours: mint green, petroleum blue, dusty rose, and grey melange.

These helpful crawling and walking products for babies and toddlers will ensure that this exciting phase of life is a little bit safer (and a whole lot cuter!). Good news, GoBabyGo is now available in Australia! You can find GoBabyGo’s full range of anti-slip socks, crawling leggings and baby knee pads at Nordlife – an online boutique in Australia specialising in Nordic and Scandinavian baby clothing and nursery decor.

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