5 things to look for in quality garage shelving

When shopping for garage shelving units, the choices can often be overwhelming. How do you know the shelving unit you choose will be high quality and able to perform the storage functions you require? Not to worry, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the best garage shelving. Here are five important factors to consider when shopping for durable garage shelving units:

1. Substantial weight bearing capacity

Even if you’re not planning on storing particularly heavy items, you will be surprised at how much the weight of various items adds up. Whether you’re storing pottery or tools in your workshop, kitchen equipment in your industrial kitchen, or various boxes and storage items in your storage unit or warehouse – you’ll need your garage shelving to have substantial weight bearing capacity. Consider purchasing a shelving unit that has a weight bearing load of between 600 – 800 KG.

Long span shelving unit

2. Powder coated beams and uprights

Not only do powder coated beams and uprights reinforce the strength, durability and longevity of garage shelving, they also give the shelving unit a nice, professional and finished look. This professional and high quality visual appeal factor is particularly important if you’re using the shelving units in a business or place of work.

3. Lock-in system for safety

One major problem with many garage shelving units is the fact that they can tip over at any time. You don’t always think thoroughly when you’re sorting and storing items on a shelving unit; if you happen to put heavier items on the top shelves of the shelving unit, they entire unit can tip over causing damage to the equipment and possibly injury. Choosing a garage shelving unit that can be bolted to the ground is the way to go. Not only do bolted down garage shelving units provide safety, they also offer a more permanent and solid storage solution.


4. Easy assembly

When you have a new garage shelving system to install, the last thing you want to deal with is complicated assembly. Choosing a garage shelving unit with no tools required for assembly can make all the difference in the world. Garage shelving units with smart lock-in systems are the best as they offer quick and easy assembly, plus easy disassembly if you need to move space or locations.

5. High quality production

The final factor to consider when shopping for garage shelving is the quality of materials, production, and where the shelving is made. We recommend purchasing Australian-made shelving units as they will be the highest quality.

High quality garage shelving by Stockspace

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