Are You a Travelling Food Snob?

Have ever trudged for hours through a foreign city, starving and grumpy, just because you can’t find a restaurant that looks authentic enough for you? Have you ever made fun of travellers who eat at some fast food joints?

Maybe you’ve photographed and your exotic meal and bragged it around on Twitter or Instagram?

You are indeed a food snob.

But don’t worry, there are millions and millions of people like you. The world is filled with food snobs of all ages, they’re and ever increasing crowd of people who turn up their noses at the inauthentic, who boast conquests of eating at 5-star restaurants to dining at the local hawkers to show how legitimate they are compared to you.

Food snob is a global game of one-upmanship, a race to be the most authentic, the most daring, the most original eater. Of all the travel-related snobbery – from the hotel snobs to the culture snobs to the airline snobs – foodies might just be the most annoying of them all.

Want to really ruin your dining experience overseas? Try travelling with a bunch of food bloggers. Doing so could suck the fun out of eating, and makes eating feels monotonous. The food would arrive on your table, but you wouldn’t be able to touch it until every dish has been carefully photographed, on phone and then DSLR camera.

The lesson to be learned from being a food snob, is that food, like anything good in life, probably shouldn’t be taken so seriously. If you’re getting upset at other people’s choices of cuising, or acting every so superior over them because you found a better meal, it might be time to step back and reassess.

Food is meant to be enjoyed, savoured, even to be discussed. But don’t be obsessed over it.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald: Traveller – “Travel’s most annoying snobs”

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