Australia Working Towards a Drug-Free Workplace

By Brianna Danielson

Drug use in Australia is on the rise, with more types of substances available than ever before. Drug users aren’t as easy to spot as they used to be with users ranging from builders to accountants, it’s hard to tell who has used a stimulant or relaxant.

Casual drug users may not think that their substance intake can affect their job when it definitely can. After a big weekend partying with little or no sleep, it would be virtually impossible to wake up with a clear head on Monday morning, ready for a productive day at work. Many employees might even call in sick. So whether the individual is at work but not being productive or ‘chucking a sickie’, companies are losing money.

Employers are feeling the pressure to drug test employees and it can only have a positive long-term effect on business and the culture of the workplace. The Global Drug Survey 2014 reported than a third of its participants went to work hung over or coming down from drugs.



With this staggering number it is no wonder why employers are feeling the pressure to drug test in the work place. With a rise in absenteeism and loss of productivity, Australian businesses are losing money like quicksand. It’s estimated that $6 billion a year is pouring out of the pockets of Australian businesses due to the misuse of drugs.

Oz Drug Testing has made it simple for employers to test their staff with easy to use drug testing kits. With a range of tests available there is something for every type of organisation, big or small.

Substance abuse is a wide spread problem. Companies around the world are losing more and more money each year because of the problem. It’s time to put a stop to it in Australia. Your business is your livelihood and it’s something you need to protect, don’t turn a blind eye if you notice unusual behaviour or increased absenteeism. Order a drug testing kit today for peace of mind.

Take care of your business and your employees by ensuring they work in a safe and drug-free environment.

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