5 things to look for in quality garage shelving

When shopping for garage shelving units, the choices can often be overwhelming. How do you know the shelving unit you choose will be high quality and able to perform the storage functions you require? Not to worry, we’ve gathered some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the best garage shelving. Here are five important factors to consider when shopping for durable garage shelving units:

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Great Emergency Plumber to Fix a Toilet, Roofing or Blocked Drain

Emergency Plumber

Have a clogged or leaky toilet? No worries! Emergency Plumber is at your service. We repair and replace your toilet no matter how small the problem may be. No task is too big for us either; we will solve all issues within 15 minutes.

Checking for Leaks

We may need your help, before we arrive, and to save you time, we need you to check if you actually have a toilet leak. Bring your ear close to the water tank; do you hear strange noises? If yes, shut the water supply to the toilet. After that has been done, take food color and add 3 drops in the tank. Now wait, this will take approximately more than half hour or so. If the inner bowl of the toilet shows red water, then yes, there is a leak in the toilet. If not, then the toilet has no leaks. Need a plumber for the worst toilet leaks? We are on it!

Blocked Toilets

Tried every option and DIYs but could not fix that darn toilet? Need a plumber? Call us, the best experts in town; we will solve all of your loo problems within instants. The reason behind the clogging could be a blocked sewage pipe due to backed up waste or an object, such as a small toy, or even coins. Do not worry; Emergency Plumber is on it.


Need a new loo? No problem, we can give your bathroom a whole new makeover along with the best quality loo in all of Australia. Whether you need expert installation, or our opinion, we will be at your service pronto. We do other kinds of replacements as well; we do cistern repairs and replace, drainage replacements, water heater replacements, pipe replacements, and many more.


Need to plaster your fractured toilet? We will do all any kinds of repairs you might need for it. We believe that if the problem is not so big, it is always better to repair than replace, which is why we encourage all residents to let the experts handle the situation. Many other plumbing services promote replacement over repairing, even if the problem is not as serious. Unlike them, and being the experts we are, we know how important it is to ensure you do not over spend on unnecessary repairs. In other words not only do we make quick repairs but for a fee that won’t leave a hole in your pocket!

Why choose us?

Emergency Plumber is an expert plumbing service that has been in business for years now. We understand how important hygiene is especially when it comes to the health of your children and loved ones. We also know that you wish to get the best services because you deserve them. This is why we provide our expert services at a cost you deserve.

Need a plumber? Call No Doubt Plumbing today at 1800 663 682 for the best same day services.