Creating Your Dream Wedding

Most people have a dream wedding in mind, a perfect day or night where they say their vows and spend time with loved ones. These dream weddings vary wildly – from formal to fun and country themed to cocktail. Whatever your dream wedding we’ve outlined the three factors you need to take into account when creating your dream wedding.




Your dreams about your wedding are your starting point. It is a good idea to share them with your fiancée and think about exactly how they can be put into action. Consider writing down the ideas you have, or the themes you want to incorporate. For some people their dreams only go so far as what they will wear, for others the venue, the menu or the music are their lifelong dream. Think about what is most important to you, so you can prioritise that. Also consider how what you have dreamt of can be built upon – dream of getting married in a short, 60s style dress? How can the whole wedding reflect that?

The logistics of your wedding are less fun, but equally important. Think about budget restraints, the size of your wedding and the timeline you have. Your wedding venue planner can help you understand how you can fulfill logistical needs and create your dream day. Having a collection of images that you like can help keep everyone informed and on board with your vision for the day.

Look for inspiration from others. Pinterest, wedding blogs, Instagram, your friends and your wedding planner can all help inspire you when you’re lacking in inspiration. Searching specific themes you are interested in can help you think of special touches that will make your dream wedding come true. When you visit your venue you will be able to see how the space can play out, and discuss with the staff the options available to you.

Your dream wedding can be a reality, with a little planning, help and vision. This day will be one you remember for the rest of your life, so everyone should be happy to go the extra mile to make it special!

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