Ensuring Your Corporate Event Kicks Business Goals

A corporate event should work for you and your business. Whether it is a staff party or a product launch we’ve outlined the important things to have covered when planning your corporate event. With these items ticked off your event will be more than just a memorable day or night –it will be a valuable tool for your business.

Source: juancarlothecaterer.com/

Source: juancarlothecaterer.com/

Know Your Goals

Knowing your goals BEFORE you start planning the event is extremely important. You may realize throughout the planning process you have other goals that can be met too, but the main goal should be clear from the start. Talk about these goals with those helping you plan the event. Your staff and the venue should all be aware of the tone you want to set and the goals you want to meet.

Capitalize on Event

Make sure that you capitalize on all the opportunities your event offers. This means seeing the sideline goals you can meet with any event. Product launch? Use it to raise knowledge of your brand and products, but also to network with others and give out information about future updates. Staff party? Promote feeling of community, but also provide opportunities for networking and raise opinions of your business. Depending on your business you can even use photos of your staff party on social media to give a person, fun face to your business! To capitalize on your event brainstorm about all the possible opportunities available, before the event.

Follow Up

Follow up is essential. This could include a gift bag given out at the event that includes info on the product you’ve launched, or other such helpful information. You should also follow up with all those who did and did not attend. Attendees? Send them a thanks for coming and take the opportunity to link to your content. Didn’t make it? Send them a sorry we didn’t see you, with a quick ‘Event Highlights’ or ‘Here’s what you Missed’ to keep them informed.

Get Others Involved

Depending on the event you are hosting, other businesses may want to be involved in some way. This can be a great way to share the cost of the event as well as have more people working on raising the profile of the event and your company. Choose wisely the brands work well with your company.

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