Has Your Doctor Been Medically Negligent?

The confidence we place in our doctors, chiropractors, surgeons and other medical professionals to maintain and improve our well-being is huge. Unfortunately, this confidence is sometimes misplaced.

Source: munley.com

Source: munley.com

Physical injury and pain can be the consequence. If a medical professional does not use adequate skill and care in providing you with treatment then they may be found medically negligent. This can indicate that they did not provide you with information about risks, or they undertook treatment with inadequate skill or care. Laws exist to protect patients in these situations. Compensation for medical malpractice is meant to remunerate patients for the financial burden that negligence may have caused. To receive financial remuneration it must be proven that a doctor or other professional has been legally negligent. Many laws exist that defend medical professionals and stop legal suits, so a medical malpractice lawyer is essential in providing you with a fair outcome. Legislation surrounding negligence determines cases on specific circumstances and abstract notions. Though you may be experiencing suffering as a direct result of a procedure undertaken by your doctor or other medical professional, you may not immediately be eligible for compensation, or your claim may be denied. The Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee [1957] requires that medical professionals in Australia must only be competent and follow agreed upon bodies of medical thinking. They are not required to act with the highest skill. A medical malpractice lawyer can ascertain if you have a case and fight for your rights if so. If you feel you have suffered as a result of medical negligence you may be able to make a claim. A number of different types of negligence may be claimed, from various stages of your treatment – from medical advice to events during surgery or aftercare. Various reasons for claims exist, and a discussion with compensation lawyers will help you discover your eligibility. A successful claim may result in financial remuneration for medical costs, as well as compensation for suffering, pain and loss of income.

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