Need to Know: The Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

Wisdom tooth removal is often necessary to avoid wisdom tooth pain, oral disease or other dental complications. Whilst it is a fairly common procedure you may have questions about what happens prior to surgery, within the surgery and the after care you will need.

Below we outline the seven main stages of wisdom teeth removal.

  1. wisdom-tooth-extractionBefore your surgery – Prior to removal of your teeth you will discuss with your oral surgeon the procedure and your various options.
  2. Making a plan – You and your dentist will agree upon what procedure you will have and X Rays will be taken of your teeth
  3. Payment – Whether you choose to pay upfront or have a payment plan, Wisdom Dental are happy to help you afford the costs of wisdom teeth removal. Our payment plans mean you don’t have to wait to receive important care.
  4. Discussing the Details of the Procedure – You and your dental surgeon will need to discuss several key aspects of the surgery to decide on the best plan for you. They will provide expert information on the best method of removal, depending upon the amount that your wisdom teeth have erupted, how much pain you are in, how hidden in your gum and jaw the wisdom teeth are and your feelings of stress or anxiety about the procedure.
  5. Surgery – The big moment is here. You will undergo surgery after your dentist gives you post surgery care information.
  6. Going home – You will need somebody to collect you from the surgery. This is because after surgery it is illegal to drive, and can also be very unsafe.
  7. Recovery period – It is essential that you give your body time to rest post surgery. Carefully follow your dentist’s instructions on how to minimise pain and discomfort.

If you want to know more about your options and the procedures involved in wisdom teeth removal please contact Wisdom Dental Sydney. You can find information by visiting the site or by calling 1800 WISDOM.

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