Reasonably Priced Dental Implants in Sydney

By Brianna Danielson

Nobody likes to pay more for something than they have to. That’s why in recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of Aussies heading offshore for cheap dental implants.

Unfortunately, as with many ‘cheap’ alternatives, this comes with a payoff. In light of the possible financial and medical problems that bad dental work can cause, the payoff is often quite high.

So is it a good idea to head overseas to have cheap dental implants?

The answer is usually no.


dr-paulo-pinhoIn doing so you can undergo quite high financial and medical risks.
Whilst implants may be cheaper overseas, you’ll also need to pay for flights and where you’ll stay. Whilst this may be a bonus holiday, it won’t be very pleasant if you’re in pain. There’s also one aspect you can’t predict- how long your recovery will take. A longer recovery in Australia may be annoying, but a longer recovery period overseas could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Although many websites advertise ‘dental implants in just one day’ this claim is often highly disingenuous and deceptive. This is because it is nearly impossible to ascertain how long each individual will need to have the procedure successfully completed. Fortunately it is now achievable to get reasonably priced dental implants in Sydney.

However, there is more than price to consider when undergoing medical procedures. Whilst in Australia we have many laws and regulatory bodies to protect you and your health, many overseas countries do not offer the same protection. Although you might have the references or endorsements of a friend or family member about who to choose, it can still be dangerous to get an overseas practitioner.

What happens if something goes wrong?
When you have a problem overseas, it tends to be escalated. That could be a lost passport, a missing wallet or a medical problem. The fact is, when you aren’t in your home country everything is a bit more difficult. If something goes wrong now or in the future with your cheap dental implants you will have a serious problem. Most travel insurance will not cover dental bills, especially in the case that you have sought medical treatment overseas. Your private health insurance company in Australia will also not be willing to help

Thankfully it is now possible to receive the best cheap dental implants in Australia! You’ll be guaranteed of a safe and regulated procedure that doesn’t risk your present or future health.

Save yourself the hassle of going to another country to get a cheap implants. There are better choices in Melbourne and Sydney, such as Dr Paulo Pinho who offers affordable wisdom tooth extraction and affordable dental implants. Call his office now at 1300 721 184 to learn more from the doctor himself!

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