Top Three Reasons to Buy a Fossflakes Nursing Pillow

We all know about the miracle of breastfeeding and its many benefits for both the woman and her baby. However, most of us are also aware of the immense challenges that come along with nursing. Luckily there is an amazing product called the Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillow that makes life a whole lot easier for breastfeeding mums. If you’ve never heard of the Fossflakes nursing pillow, we’ve got all the information you need, plus our top three reasons to buy one of these wonderful breastfeeding cushions. Read on for more info!

1. Comfortable and strain-free nursing

The Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillow is ergonomically designed to relieve neck, back, arm and shoulder pain and strain. The pillow allows you to rest your baby on the cushion while you breastfeed, so you can comfortably feed your little one without tiring your arms. The traditional cradle position is the most popular way to breastfeed using the Fossflakes nursing pillow. If you have twins, you can also do dual feedings with the nursing pillow by placing each baby on one of the nursing pillow’s sides. The Fossflakes nursing pillow can also be used as a supportive and soft barrier aid when you child is first learning to sit up.


2. High quality design

The Fossflakes nursing pillow is filled with a newly patented 100% extended polyethylene polymer filling that traps air and retains its shape without ever flattening, deflating or loosing resilience. The filling in Fossflakes Superior Nursing Pillows is naturally hypoallergenic, making it suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers, including babies and children. The Fossflakes nursing pillow is ergonomically designed in Denmark – a country renowned for high quality products and production.


3. Machine washable

The third reason to purchase this amazing breastfeeding cushion is that it is fully machine washable and tumble dryable. The fact that this nursing pillow can be machine washed allows you to keep it clean from spills, stains and leakage. Plus, after you wash the pillow, it always retains its structured shape and loft, even with frequent washing.


In addition to being supportive and comfortable, super high quality, and machine washable, these amazing Fossflakes nursing pillows can be adorned with these lovely nursing pillow covers by Cam Cam Copenhagen:

Fossflakes nursing pillow covers – click to view more

In addition to being able to wash the Fossflakes nursing pillow itself, having a Cam Cam nursing pillow cover makes cleaning and washing even easier. Simply toss the cushion cover in the wash to quickly and easily wash away little spills and stains. These darling nursing pillow covers are made with GOTS-certified sateen-weave 100% organic cotton, making them super soft and gentle for baby’s skin. Get yours today and coordinate it with the rest of your nursery design scheme!

To buy your Fossflakes nursing pillow in Australia along with absolutely adorable nursing pillow covers by Cam Cam Copenhagen, visit Nordlife – an online retailer based on the Gold Coast of Australia. Their range of Fossflakes nursing pillows and Fossflakes nursing pillow covers will have you comfortably and stylishly breastfeeding in no time! Click this link to view Fossflakes nursing pillows in Australia:

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