What to do when your drain is blocked?

Nobody wants a stinky blocked drain that ruins the lovely aroma of roses in their backyard, or fills their house with all sorts of questionable smells. But what can you do when your drains all plugged up and the smell just wont go away? After all your home should be a place to rest and relax, not avoid.

plunger-on-blocked-drainsSolution #1: Plunger

Have a plunger lying around? Great- what next?

  1. If what you’re dealing with is a double basin then make sure you plug up one side before trying to plunge the other. If not, your efforts will all be a waste.
  2. To plunge effectively try to maintain a smooth vertical thrust. This becomes easier as you go along, because you will increase impetus.
  3. Slip and slide. If you have some petroleum jelly on hand this might help the plunger move more easily. Line the drain and then plunge away.

Solution #2: Your grandma’s recipe

If the plunger is too difficult to use, you don’t have one or it didn’t work – don’t worry. There’s another solution that just might do the trick. However, this recipe only works for natural blockages like hair, cooking oils, toothpaste or other beauty products. Thankfully those are the usual problems so this recipe just might work.

  1. Put aside an hour and ten minutes where the sink will not be in use.
  2. The first stage is to use a cup (250mL) of baking soda and pour it down the drain and leave for 20 minutes.
  3. Pour a cup of vinegar down the sink and leave for another 30 minutes.
  4. Pour a boiled kettle-full of water down the drain. Redo this stage after 10 minutes.

Solution #3: Give us a ring

If those DIY tricks haven’t worked then you might need the help of someone a little more experienced. Whilst it is possible to buy strong blockage removal products or an electric plumbing eel these can cause problems when used inappropriately. This could be a costly mistake if something goes wrong. No Doubt Plumbing are your trusted team to solve that stinky drain problem.

No Doubt Plumbing will come to any location in Melbourne at a flat fee that includes inspection and drain clearance with no hidden extras for only $175. That’s why you can trust that not only do we know what we are doing, but we are the best, affordable plumbers in Melbourne.

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